We all have already known about react and React hooks already . But it is not a problem if we recap the things once again right??….

React Hooks

So, What Is React Hooks?

Hooks are a fundamentally simpler way of encapsulating stateful behavior and side effects in user interfaces. They were introduced in React but Nowadays they are being used in various frameworks like Vue, Svelte, and even adapted for general functional JS.

Why use Hooks?

There may be hundreds of reasons to use Hooks we can say but basic reasons are three:

  • Duplicated logic between different components and lifecycle methods.

You cannot learn whole React in just one article but you can have some concepts through this article .

React Core Concepts

React a JavaScript library which is used to build user interfaces. It is not a framework as we have to use other libraries with it to complete our operations. A framework doesn't need others help. React is called declarative as we can easily understand the UI while using it.

In React we ignore traversing the DOM tree as much as possible as DOM is slow experience for an applicant.


This is basically the entry point for a React application into the…

JavaScript a language which works in a multiple way and makes its self quite interesting by its multipurpose activity.

Fundamental Js

Js has 2 kinds of values as the first one is ​Primitive Values​, and
then there are ​Objects and Functions​.​ But it has 9 separate types in this two values.

● Undefined​ (undefined), used for unintentionally missing values.
● Null​ (null), used for intentionally missing values.
● Booleans​ (true and false), used for logical operations.
● Numbers​ (-100, 3.14, and others), used for math calculations.
● Strings​ (“hello”, “abracadabra”, and others), used for text.
● Symbols​ (uncommon), used to hide implementation details.
● BigInts​ (uncommon and new)…

JavaScript Basic

Unlike the most programming languages, the JavaScript language has no concept of input or output.Which means it is designed to run as a scripting language in a host environment, and it is up to the host environment to provide mechanisms for communicating with the outside world. JavaScript supports functional programming — because they are objects, functions may be stored in variables and passed around like any other object.

JavaScript’s types are:

Numbers in JavaScript are "double-precision 64-bit format which means IEEE 754 values", according to the spec — There's no such thing as an integer in JavaScript (except BigInt)…

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